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Study consumer behavior on the gift page and develop a marketing strategy

about company

A Polish company that imports gifts, games and household goods has decided to open an online store in Ukraine. There were practically no similar products on the market, so they aroused interest among potential consumers. However, the owners were concerned about the website’s low conversion rate. FUN Presents * asked us to conduct consumer behavior research on the website and interviews to identify the reasons why they did not make a purchase.


The study was conducted in two stages:


interviewing potential consumers


UX-UA study by experts


As a result of the survey, the respondents drew attention to two aspects:


user experience assessment during the first contact with the service,


analysis of the website structure, assessment of its convenience, identification of key problems for customers.

In order to develop a marketing strategy, a competition study was conducted, and their activities, content created, and positioning were compared. Target audience segments and main groups to focus on have been identified.

Our recommendations

As a result of the research, over 20 points were identified that could be improved on the website. Some of them are technical, and some are related to design.

We have divided our recommendations for strategy improvements into four blocks according to the 4P system:



  • Update estimate sales and promotion channels in accordance with positioning.

  • Make the descriptions common, and use keywords.

  • Create an emotional connection with your users. Focus on creating unique, engaging content and constantly updating it.



  • Keep prices constant as you launch your online advertising campaign and expand your customer base.
  • Review and improve delivery terms and payment methods.



  • Keep the website technically up-to-date (technical development plan) up-to-date.
  • Constantly update the products on the website.
  • Maintain contact with customers, including via social networks.



  • Maintain constant communication with users and collect feedback.
  • Do not forget about promotions on the Internet.
  • Develop effective tools to support the order fulfillment process.

 Use a combination of strategy: resulting from being a leader and price competitiveness.


The customer eliminated all problematic moments on the website and the purchase conversion increased.

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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