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Updating the customer base of the Polish chain of wine stores

about company is a Polish chain of retail stores selling wines, alcohol and dried fruit. has been on the market for a long time, knows all its competitors, has a huge customer base, but at the same time is careful in testing new solutions.


25 000

subscribers in the database required to be updated


In 2018, with the introduction of new personal data regulations in Europe, the company had a problem updating its customer database. The new regulations concerned the form of storing customer information and the method of its processing. While previously there were no restrictions, and customers who left a phone or e-mail in the store often did not think that the database could be hacked and (that they) would start receiving spam or their personal data could be misused. The main task of marketing was to develop a form of communication with the client that would not be too insistent (intrusive), but at the same time would allow for constant contact.

Every day the company’s customers received e-mail notifications about discounted wines. Thus, they were used to this form, which is why the company was very keen to keep the communication unchanged. The obstacle was a new law, which required the entrepreneur to obtain renewed consent from each of the clients to continue receiving advertising materials. Documents signed by subscribers should be securely stored in the company’s office. Otherwise, customer data should be immediately removed from the database.

Our recommendations


Restyling newsletters

Restyling email newsletters.


Development of a bonus system

Development of a bonus system, thanks to which the customer would be interested in coming to the store in person, collecting bonuses, and allocating them for new products.


Updating the database

Updating the database as the reason for inviting the customer to the store.


Conducting tastings

Conducting tastings to invite customers to the store and communicate directly.


Production of POS materials

Production of advertising and marketing materials to increase the points of contact between the product and customers.


The number of subscribers in the database dropped more than  twice, but the efficiency of mailing increased because inactive customers left. The bonus program became an opportunity to contact the customer not only by email, but also by phone and invite him to the store, which significantly increased sales in this period.

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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