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Logo rebranding and market research for a flour producer

about the brand

Melkom is a group of mills with a 30-year history. The company decided to expand the line with specialized types of flour and update the logo. The task also included conducting ( undertaking ) a study consisting in conducting interviews with buyers of the largest retail chains in Ukraine on the need to expand the product category in the segment of specialized flours – for pizza, croissants, baking, etc.


Before starting the activities on the new logo and packaging, our initial work was to research consumers and their attitudes to flour for various purposes. An in-depth interview study was conducted with buyers of large Ukrainian retail chains in order to determine whether there is a demand for such flour, as well as to determine what types should be produced.

A nomenclature weakness was identified by the end of the consumer survey. In Cyrillic, the previous brand name could be read with the wrong accent, which influenced the perception of the product. The solution was to introduce the word “Młyn” into the logo, which is clearly associated with flour.

Based on the results of these two studies, a list of tasks for the designer was prepared: to create a modern logo that reflects the specific nature of the product and simple but clear packaging with clear markings.


We proposed 5 types of packaging for various types of flour. We have created 2 types of packaging: for retail packages (1-3-5 kg) and for wholesale (10-25-50 kg).

A retail market entry and advertising strategy has been developed.

Based on the result of calculating economic efficiency an optimal price for new products was offered.

In-depth interviews with network customers were, in a way, the first stage of negotiations on the introduction of a new assortment item, which helped in registering products online.

In addition to branding, training sessions for the company’s sales representatives were also held.

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