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Creating a communication strategy and maintaining social networks for an online store with organic products*

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A health food store approached us with a request to develop a communication strategy, as well as to create and develop store channels on Facebook and Instagram.

In Poland, the bio/eco segment is represented by a large number of competitors. In order to win loyal customers, it is important to strike a balance between quality, packaging, and price.



When preparing a communication strategy, we analyzed the pages of competing companies on social networks and determined the target audience of the store. Creating high-quality photos is the number one task for an online store. Customers make a purchase decision in minutes, and sometimes seconds, based on photos and videos.

The second selling point was high-quality, diverse content, including user-generated content, as well as that of popular food bloggers with whom we have worked on a barter basis. Each of them received a package with the client’s products and created dishes using them, publishing their own recipes illustrated with photos on the channel. They aroused great interest among customers, at the same time encouraging them to make purchasing decisions.

Our recommendations


Regularly publish posts

Regularly publish posts, reports and live videos.


Focus on the target group

Focus on the Polish target group, involve food influencers and culinary bloggers in promoting food influencers.


Organizing contests

Organizing more contests with gifts.


Regular price

Regular price promotions and free delivery activities.


During the first 4 months, the store reached more than 1,000 subscribers on Facebook and Instagram, which increased brand awareness and loyalty, as well as directly increasing the number of product sales.

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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