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Wines and alcohol

The industry of production and sale of wines and alcoholic beverages is one of the most dynamic and at the same time one of the most interesting. Climate change, a pandemic, or changes in consumer preferences have radically modified this market. Ecological trends have influenced the packaging and composition of products, the share of non-alcoholic beverages consumption has increased, and the approach to using natural cork for closing bottles has changed. The world regularly undergoes transformations that directly affect the costs of wine and spirits production (prices of raw materials, packaging, transport) and sales (tariffs, market closures). How to solve these problems? One of the options is the internal analysis of enterprises, identification of bottlenecks, searching for innovative solutions, and engaging consumers in creating wine or developing wine tourism to spread the wine-drinking culture. Digital marketing and promotion tools play an essential role in shaping the demand for this category of products. A popular solution is the creation of brands of wines and spirits by companies that do not have their own production facilities.

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