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Why hire a social media marketing agency?

Social media has entered the mainstream market

It’s no secret that social media has forever changed the way companies do business. It’s not only revolutionized the way customers are able to interact and engage with a company, it has also shifted the way prospects learn about new products and services. 

The truth is, no other marketing channel changes as dynamically as social media.

As a result, many  business owners have struggled to keep up with all the new social media platforms popping in and out. Additionally, many have struggled to recognize that social media is an extension of their whole marketing plan, and not just a mishmash of posts and comments.

Without a doubt, success on social media requires the right strategy and skills. 

The most important question you should ask yourself is, precisely why it makes sense to work with a social media marketing company to handle your social media channels. 

The answer may not always be obvious.

An external partner, a social media agency is sometimes irreplaceable for 3 basic reasons:

A social media agency will help you invest your money better

This may sound strange, however, there’s sound logic behind it. A social media marketing agency can help you clarify the role your social media presence plays in your overall marketing and business plan. Although identifying the role of a company’s social media presence may sound easy, sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint what you hope to achieve with your social media exposure.  This may not alway be as straightforward as it seems. You’d be surprised how many companies (even some of the biggest ones!) get completely lost when it comes to defining and explaining the reasons why they use social media. For example, it’s important to know how, and by what metrics to measure the success of your posts and campaigns. Understanding social media presence as an important marketing strategy and not just an afterthought, It can make a huge difference in brand awareness and engagement. 

Some companies tend to throw away money on organizing unnecessary contests, amassing unengaged followers, among other things. This does not translate into sales or brand recognition. A good agency will help you develop an effective social media strategy for its clients. 

An agency saves you time

Is editing a photo or configuring profile settings on social media a worthwhile activity for a business owner? Probably not. New products, promotions or analyzing sales strategies are much more important activities from a business perspective. Just as producing paper clips yourself or cleaning the office would not be a good idea in which to invest the time of an administrative assistant, right? A social media agency takes on a certain slice of the task by relieving you of the burden.

Changes to social media platforms, new tools, and trends pop up every day, with the digital marketing landscape changing constantly. 

Business owners need individuals on their teams who know how to use or can learn how to use all the various and constantly changing social media platforms. This has the potential to take up a lot of unnecessary time (and let’s be honest, money) for your team. A social media expert is more likely to achieve the success you need, in much less time.

An agency is more cost-effective than an in-house team

Sometimes it’s a myth and an illusion that doing something yourself is less expensive than outsourcing it to a specialist. Employing an in-house social media team comes at a significant cost. Additionally, an in-house team will be limited in the experience that they have, if they have only worked for your brand, when it comes to bringing new ideas and approaches. In a good social media agency, several people are responsible for handling your project (such as brand communication on social media). One prepares content, builds an editorial plan, and prepares ideas for future social media posts. Yet, another (graphic designer and/or animator) prepares graphic designs, videos or animations for use in posts when required. Someone else manages the advertising budget, configures advertising campaigns, makes sure they are fully optimized, in addition to keeping an eye on all the costs. 

As a rule, everything is supervised by the coordinating individual,  who runs the whole project. This person is responsible for bundling all the activities, coordinating the work of the entire team and reporting back to you. As a result, you’re in direct contact with one person. 

How much do you think it would cost to create the right positions within your company? We’re sure it’s a lot more than the flat monthly fees of a social media marketing agency.

Bottom Line

Every business owner should want to harness the power of social media marketing. The overall goal of a successful social media strategy relates to branding, sales activity, and interactions. With thoughtful and creative campaigns on various social media platforms, a brand is able to stand out from the competition. Attractive visual content will influence the recognition of your company, but remember that everything must be tailored to the target audience.

The right social media marketing agency can help you stay ahead of your competition on social media platforms. Instead of researching and keeping on top of all the changes taking place in the world of  social media, an entire team of experts does it all for you.

In the end, visibility on social media channels is still about building brand awareness and generating revenue through great marketing and even better customer service.  

A great social media marketing agency, like Mad Heads,  can help you fuel your social media marketing efforts.

Article author: Ursula Gaiko

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