About us

MAD Heads Association is a team of marketing and sales professionals.

MAD — Marketing Advertising Development.
We create efficient marketing strategies
We make your export in marketing way
Our representative offices are in Ukraine and in Poland

The advantages of marketing outsourcing:

access to various specialists you need for the project;
you pay only for results, not for hours;
no cost for education upgrade and equipment necessary for work;
additional discounts from our regular contractors;
average experience of our experts is more than 9 years in marketing;
our knowledge covers various markets and products.
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We provide a full range of marketing and advertising services for businesses.
We hold strategic sessions and help reload the business.

MAD Heads is accredited by the EBRD Small Business
Consultancy Program in Marketing.
This means you can receive compensation of 50% of the cost of our services
and 2 times more of professional marketing for business growth.

  • Marketing and sales strategy

    Choosing the right marketing strategy allows the company to grow and become more profitable.

  • Business development

    Conducting strategic sessions to determine the priority directions of business development.  Launching new product to the market.

  • Branding

    Design, logo, corporate identity, naming.

  • Outsourced Marketing Department

    Perform all the functions of the marketing department from strategy to social networking.

  • Hourly advice

    Working from the agreed brief, we analyze the problem of the client, develop a plan of action.

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Maria Saifudinova


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