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PR of the Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Warsaw *

about company

An exquisite restaurant in Warsaw, opened by a famous Ukrainian restaurateur, did not meet the set business goals. The restaurant was located in an old mansion, outside the city center, away from pedestrian traffic and cars, but it had an unusual atmosphere and a cozy courtyard. The average bill for this restaurant was much higher than for the nearby venues. The restaurant was a perfect solution for organizing family celebrations, corporate events, dates, and anniversaries. It was not a place for everyday visits, rarely a lunch time spot. Our task was to increase brand recognition with minimal financial costs.



In the course of cooperation with the restaurant, we developed a PR strategy and organized a photo session of the restaurant, both its interior and the dishes served. And because, unlike the restaurant located in Kyiv, where 80% of guests were tourists, the majority of consumers in Warsaw were residents, the aim of the session was to create an image of the restaurant expected by the target group, i.e. Polish customers. A Polish photographer with a great sense and artistic talent was engaged to take the pictures.

We created a communication schedule and organized the restaurant’s birthday party, to which we invited journalists and bloggers. Within 4 months, 15 PR articles were published in various media, such as Vogue, Gourmet, Gala, Weranda Weekend, and Warsaw Insider. Our task was to create a positive image of the place, and tell its history, and the extraordinary biography of the restaurant owner who managed 40 restaurants in Ukraine!

Our recommendations

In the PR strategy, we focused on contemporary gastronomic trends:


Carry out more events

Carry out more events, use information opportunities to appear in the press and internet portals as often as possible.


Regularly publish content

Regularly publish high-quality content on Facebook and Instagram.


Build a personal brand of the owner

Build a personal brand of the owner and chef of the restaurant in Warsaw.


Focus on the Polish target group

Focus on the Polish target group, involve journalists, celebrities and bloggers in promoting the restaurant.


In 4 months there were 15 free publications about the restaurant in top publications.

The increase in attendance was 10% compared to the winter period of the previous year.

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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