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Opening of the exhibition of robots in Łódź

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RobotWorld * is an international company that organizes robot exhibitions for children in Eastern Europe. Usually the client did not use PR tools to support ticket sales. The task of our agency was to create an information opportunity and draw as much attention as possible to the event in Łódź. The opening of the exhibition coincided with an extremely difficult period between the two closures of public, cultural and educational institutions in Poland caused by the coronavirus pandemic. People were reluctant to come to mass events, especially with children. Our task was to provide information about the safety of participants and about sanitary measures taken by the management to ensure the maximum comfort of the guests.



One of the main problems of this project was the fact that an event on a similar theme was held in the same city in the recent past. The task of MAD Heads was to draw as much attention as possible to the opening of the exhibition, talk about new products and functions, as well as attract as many local media as possible to support the inauguration of the event.

Our idea was to invite a famous person, the winner of Forbes Under 25, and the owner of a drone company, to the opening. The aim was to show parents how important it is to visit such places with their children – not only as a form of entertainment but also to inspire the young generation with the professions of the future. A special guest prepared a prize: a drone produced by him with extraordinary abilities, which could be won by every participant in the event.

The opportunity to write, not only about the robot exhibition but also about an interesting person who was on the Forbes list at the age of 25, was for journalists an inexhaustible source of questions and topics that they used in their press materials.

Our recommendations


Creating a database

Creating a database of industry and local media for each city.


Sending press releases

Editing and sending press releases before and after the event.


Refreshments for journalists

Preparation of refreshments for journalists.


High-quality materials

Preparation of high-quality materials: photos and videos.


Allocation of a pool of tickets for journalists

Allocation of a pool of tickets for radio, press and television journalists.


Media monitoring

Preparation of media monitoring.


Invitations of special guests

Invitations of special guests to each opening of the exhibition.


As a result of inviting a special guest, it was possible to arouse additional interest among journalists and to gather almost all local media, including TVP Łódź, Radio Łódź, Radio Eska, Radio Żak, Fakt, Dziennik Łódzki.


* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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