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Commercial offers for B2B


When selling a B2B service or product, the commercial offer is often your company’s first point of contact with a potential customer. In other words, it is the wrapping that allows the consumer to learn about the range of possibilities of a given entrepreneur. Therefore, it is very important to present your strengths and market advantages in an attractive way. The key to success is to analyze the competitors’ offers and prepare an offer that will answer all the questions or doubts of potential customers. In the B2B segment, we create commercial offers frequently. We subsequently update and modify them to specific expectations. Depending on the situation, commercial offers may be sent by e-mail or printed in the form of a booklet or a leaflet, usually, a 2- or 4-page A4 spread.

The commercial offer is one of the most important elements of branding, which is why it is so important to think over both the texts and the design. Here every word matters and we must remember that there is not too much content and that the recipient gets the answers to all his questions.


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