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How did we create the marketing strategy for the new mobile application?

about company

The WorkApp * mobile application is a new project of a company employing Ukrainians in Poland. Our task was to create a marketing strategy for a mobile application that would unite job seekers and employers, and at the same time would allow filtering of existing offers in terms of territory.



There are many job portals in Poland, so the main task of MAD Heads in this project was to analyze the market and competitors. Although a similar mobile application did not exist, several companies offering a similar service were identified.

We analyzed the competition and identified elements on which the company could build its unique sales proposition and positioning. In addition to the overall company strategy, we have developed a communication plan, budget and schedule of necessary marketing activities. We described the target group in detail, performed a SWOT analysis, and examined sales channels and prices.

Our recommendations


Priority promotion channels

We offered the client priority promotion channels and tools.


Application design

We made recommendations for the application design.


Recommendations based on the concept 4P

We have written all our recommendations based on the 4P concept: PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE, PROMOTION.


Website UX recommendations

We have provided recommendations concerning website UX.


Our work helped the client define goals and positioning. This knowledge has become a pillar in negotiations with investors and application developers.

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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