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Increasing the engagement of followers on Instagram thanks to cooperation with influencers

about the product

The toothpaste market in Poland is very competitive, it is difficult to stand out without large advertising investments. Interestingly, almost none of the world’s brands run Instagram in Polish, organize contests or interact with the target group through bloggers. The main promotion channels are discount campaigns in retail chains and merchandising.


After analyzing the strategies of competing companies, it was decided to use a low-budget marketing tool. The task was to support the Swiss brand of premium toothpaste in finding recipients in Poland through barter cooperation with bloggers and influencers.


Working with bloggers and influencers is a laborious marketing activity that does not guarantee 100% success. Some bloggers are meticulous in fulfilling their commitments and ensuring high reach, while others are less effective. The task of the marketing agency is to carefully monitor the effects of each action and leave only effective partners for further cooperation. With the right strategy, use of a low-budget tool, such as barter work with bloggers, can significantly increase the reach in social media and, as a result, build brand awareness and influence the sale of products.

Fewer and fewer bloggers agree to barter work, so the hardest thing is to find an influencer who will interest the brand’s target audience and motivate them to create really high-quality content that will inspire the trust of a potential consumer.

Our recommendations


Make valuable gifts

 Make blogger gifts more valuable and therefore attractive even to those who reach large ranges.


Conduct a photo shoot

Conduct a photo shoot for the brand with the involvement of models to make the graphics more attractive and vivid.


Organize a contest for consumers

Organize a contest for end users on Instagram as well as bloggers’ channels under the slogan “Because every mom deserves gold!” (the slogan refers to the GOLD line products).


Select bloggers from the target group

 Select bloggers from the target group who are focused on parenting topics to promote other brand items as well: toothpaste for pregnant women, and toothpaste for children.


More than 30 gifts for bloggers were sent, more than 200 accounts were pre-checked, and reach increased 2.5-3 times!

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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