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about the product

SleepApp * is a mobile application that by means of specially designed stories told by famous actors and musicians helps adults and children to fall asleep faster. Given that the main difference between SleepApp and its competitors is its unique content, it was our job to keep this feature on social networks as well. Traffic was driven by advertising, but our main goal was to increase the engagement of followers.


from 5% to 0,99%

reduced quantity of unsubscribe from beginning of the project

from 1500 to 25900

increased quantity of subscribers on the pages


The main task of the SMM agency is to create social content that can attract attention and create a community, not only get “likes”. The materials for Instagram SleepApp were varied in terms of form: videos, photos, slides with text, quotes, and categories: new stories, backstage, stories for children, and useful tips.

We have created personalized content for the Sleep application because its task is to solve the problem of sleep of various groups of users: businesswomen and young mothers, fans of spending time on social networks, active athletes, and children. Updated information based on the client’s scientific expertise created a loyal audience that actively commented on and participated in the live broadcasts.

Each social networking site or individual project, such as work with bloggers, which we did for the Sleep App client, was like a separate startup. We created a strategy, thoroughly analyzed the competitors, prepared references, and read the specialist literature. We tried to make the best use of the budgets, resources, and talents of our team.

Our recommendations


Brighter color scheme for the channel

We offered the client a brighter color scheme for the channel and a single-format mesh change for greater account uniformity.


Use the roll function

We suggested the customer to use the roll function.


Running a live broadcast

We proposed running a live broadcast with announcers and sleep experts.


Cooperation with bloggers

We offered cooperation with bloggers and influencers.


Develop headings for posts

We proposed to develop headings for posts and stories.


Detailed statistics of monthly reports

Detailed statistics of monthly reports were used to control the development of the website for all, even small, indicators and implementation of operational changes.


Increase in the number of subscribers:

on average per month by 20%

Increase in audience engagement rate:

on average monthly by 5%

The Instagram page

has become one of the sources of attracting traffic to the mobile application and an important channel for converting free users into mobile application subscribers


Increase in audience engagement rate

Increase in the number of subscribers

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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