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Increased follower engagement on the Scotch Whisky Facebook page

about the product

Scotch* is a famous brand of Scotch whisky in Ukraine. The company has been on the market for over 20 years but has never communicated on social media. The manufacturer decided to create a brand page on Facebook to increase its awareness in Ukraine, build a community, and ensure an increase in sales in retail and HoReCa.


The whisky market in Ukraine is very competitive, it is difficult to enter it, especially in the segment of inexpensive products. Our client’s brand in Ukraine was the sales leader in its group. The main task of MAD Heads was to convey this information to consumers and thus increase their loyalty.


One of the important problems of the Ukrainian alcohol market is the skeptical attitude of consumers toward the quality of alcohol. This prejudice appeared in the 1990s and 2000s due to a large number of fakes, therefore one of the goals of Scotch Whisky’s communication in social networks was to show the originality of the product and highlight the quality and long history of the company. 

Some of the entries were devoted to the history of the brand, the founders talked about the richness of the product line and production features.

Video posts with cocktail recipes were especially popular because this type of whisky is perfect when paired with other ingredients.

Our recommendations


Image video creation

Production of a film showing the way of the whisky bottle from production to store shelves in Ukraine, as well as the history of the brand.



Organization of whisky tastings as an element of communication with page subscribers.


Organization of a bartending competition

Organization of a bartending competition where users create their own content.


Notifying consumers about price promotions

Regularly notifying consumers about price promotions in large supermarket chains. In this category, the price is one of the most important incentives to buy.


Using links to the online store

Using links to the online store for each product described on Facebook.


The number of subscribers of the site for three months amounted to 3 784 people.

Two tastings were held: in Kyiv and Odesa (January and February 2022).

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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