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During one month of work on LinkedIn, we obtained 5 new leads for the client

about company

PortLogistic specializes in vessel research, repair, and personnel outsourcing for maritime logistics. The company opened an office in Poland and contacted us to create a page on LinkedIn, where company and industry news are regularly added, from which monthly inquiries are sent to potential partners and customers.



We created the Port Logistic page on the LinkedIn channel from scratch in Polish and it brought positive results in the first month of work. Several entrepreneurs responded to the invitations and met with our client. We used the work format from two accounts: the company account and the personal account of the director of the Polish branch. Every month we were preparing a content plan and graphics based on industry news, and on behalf of the director of the Polish company, we sent invitations to a group of friends, addressed to potential contractors. Currently, the website has a very good reach in terms of the number of views.

Our recommendations

In further steps, we recommended the client to switch from the online format of communication with potential clients to offline, that is:


Organize a themed event

Organize a themed event or conference to pose as an industry expert and gather a group of potential customers.


Prepare a database

Prepare a database of industry media and use the event as an information opportunity.


Send a press release

Send a press release and photos of the event.


Perform a follow-up after the event

Perform a follow-up after the event: distribution of conference materials, invitation to a face-to-face meeting.


During the first month of work on LinkedIn, five new leads and meeting invitations were received from potential partners and clients.

* We do not disclose our clients’ names as we take their privacy seriously.

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