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Industries / Agriculture / Rebranding of the logo for TM Chateau Grona and preparation of the brand book for the Shanghai exhibition

Rebranding of the logo for TM Chateau Grona and preparation of the brand book for the Shanghai exhibition

about the brand

TM Chateau Grona was established in 1997 in Ukraine, and in 2019 we received a question about the first logo and website update. The company was preparing to enter the Asian market, so it was necessary to use modern design, in line with modern communication trends, to create catalogs, business cards, stand design and other promotional and marketing materials.


The aim of updating the logo was to modernize it, but at the same time to maintain compliance with the character of the brand and refer in the name to France, which inspires trust and respect among Asian customers. In the rebranding process, the logo, corporate colors, fonts, and brand signet were refreshed.

Old logo:


The process of creating a new logo consisted of 4 steps:


Font selection


Combine the selected signet and font


Choosing a color


Selection of new signet options based on the logo SWOT analysis.

After updating the logo, we created various elements of visual identification: from business cards and company catalog, to the website and exhibition stand.

One of the most difficult things, in this case, was making an e-photo session and making a promotional video. The company itself is located in an unattractive location, its buildings do not look the best, and our task was to show a stable, successful, and prospering company producing high-quality products.

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